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Everyday we encounter subtle to great changes in our daily lives.  Some changes we accept and adjust, but there are other changes that we question and we quickly become stuck.

The Butterfly Effect shares 66 Bible stories; one from each book in the Bible, Genesis-Revelations.  

Each story contains thought-provoking answers to many questions you may have about daily life changes.  

Each story ends with a life application paragraph and a journal page for you to reflect and apply the knowledge.

Many times when change happens, we become indecisive and can’t make decisions.

Stop procrastinating - “not making a decision is making a decision.”

This book will help you embrace your change as a butterfly would: anxiously ready and prepared for growth and transformation.


"All you need is one chance."  Jesse Owens

God gave me many chances to change my life as a young girl.  I didn't change until my life Shifted!  It is my prayer that others can learn from my experiences in life; the good, the bad and the very ugly.  

After reading Shifted! I hope you too will use your voice to share your most difficult experiences to free yourself and help free others.

Thank you for your support! 

Michelle Renee


Multiple Book Orders for SHIFTED!

Available to order multiple books for study groups

Fifteen (15) Books



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Eleven phenomenal women share their moving stories of triumph over obstacles, challenges, and storms, and the transformational lessons learned to live fearlessly.

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