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Peace and Productivity Playbook

One on One Life Coaching

With enthusiasm, energy and passion, I will use my knowledge, experience and expertise to help catapult your career or life journey to the next level.

In this course you and I will discover your top three goals, explore if you are walking in your purpose, complete a vision board and begin the process to help you move forward in creating a life of peace and productivity.

Six weeks

One hour sessions

In person or Zoom Call

Vision Board Victory!

It is time to manifest your dreams!

Course Time: 4.5 hours

To assist the participant in creating a Vision Board. A Vision Board is a useful tool to help conceptualize an individual’s dreams and goals. The Vision Board can also serve as a source of motivation to obtain victory towards achieving these goals and dreams.

Studying the Bible 101

The purpose of this course is to offer tools to believers that will assist in reading, 

studying and understanding the Bible. 

This course is ideal for new preachers, seasoned preachers and ordained elders. 

Course Time: 1 hour per lesson

Six Week Course


Course Time: 1 hour per lesson

 Reaching Beyond What We Can See.  

Studying how to Apply the Bible to our personal lives.  

Learn how to become more compassionate in order to meet and 

protect the need of the people.  Designed to challenge and encourage 

an individual’s awareness in the Bible. 

Ten Week Course

Ten Lessons that will encourage your soul.  

Participants may set-up weekly payments

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